Neurosurgeon team in an operating room performing a surgery.

Skull Base Tumor Care You Deserve

A skull base tumor diagnosis comes with a lot of questions, and when you’re facing a health condition you didn’t expect, confidence in your care team is everything. We’re ready with answers.

At the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute, we’re here to help you confirm and understand your diagnosis, guide you through treatment and give you a path to recovery that lifts your body, mind and spirit.

Helping You Understand Skull Base Tumors

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Empowering You With Options for Treatment

Our Institute offers multiple treatment modalities for skull base tumors. We’ll help you decide which is right for you based on the type, size and location of the tumor, as well as how it’s impacting your life.

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  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses a combination of drugs to interfere with cell division and destroy cancer cells.

  • Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

    Our advanced surgical methods require minimal or no incisions, reducing risks and leading to a faster recovery.

  • Radiation Therapy

    During radiation therapy, energy similar to X-rays targets only the sick parts of your body, keeping healthy tissue strong and untouched.

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Heal With a Team at Your Side

When you’re facing a brain tumor diagnosis, being surrounded by family, friends and caregivers can make all the difference. At the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute, you’ll have an experienced, compassionate team guiding the way, and your loved ones at your side. We all want the same thing: to get you back to living your best life.