Physician holding a smartphone with a brain scan on screen.

Hope is a Powerful Medicine

With the latest advancements in technology for treating neurological conditions, our team of experts is offering our patients with brain and spinal conditions one of medicine’s greatest remedies — hope.

Here, we put minimally invasive technology to work for you and your loved ones, all with the compassionate guidance and care you deserve to feel like yourself again.

Technology That Helps You Heal

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Neurology Physicians in lab performing surgery

Synaptive Technology: Next-Generation Brain Surgery

Using the neurosurgical system from Synaptive Medical Inc., our surgeons have better visualization and improved precision. For you, this can mean a speedier recovery and a reduced risk for complications. And in some cases, it may even mean that brain tumors which were once considered inoperable because of their sensitive location can now be treated surgically.

Physician talking with an Epilepsy patient.

Our Advanced Epilepsy Care

The National Association of Epilepsy Centers has designated us as a Level 3 epilepsy treatment center. Here, you’ll find highly trained epileptologists and advanced epilepsy treatment tools, such as the CURRY Neuroimaging Suite software which evaluates EEG data to help our team make the best treatment decisions. We can help you take control of challenging epilepsy symptoms so you can live life to the fullest.

Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot

State-of-the-Art Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Sophisticated robotic surgery systems allow us to operate in a way that can be more precise, less disruptive and safer than traditional neurosurgery. If you’re having spine surgery, the pinpoint accuracy made possible by tools like ExcelsiusGPS™ helps you get better faster, so you can return to the activities that matter most to you.