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The Care You Deserve for Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuromas are uncommon and, in many cases, complex. That’s why you need access to experienced doctors who are not only highly skilled, but also know that compassionate care can go a long way to help you heal.

Our team will work with you to outline specific acoustic neuroma treatments that address your physical, mental and spiritual needs. From diagnosis to treatment and beyond, we’ll be at your side, guiding your journey.

Turn to Us for Answers — and Hope

Learning that you or a loved one may have a brain tumor is sure to raise concerns and questions. We’re here to give you all the answers and guidance you need to take charge of your health as you move forward.

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Customized Acoustic Neuroma Treatment

Once diagnosed, patients commonly ask: What is the best treatment for acoustic neuroma? The answer can be different for each person we see. We consider the size and location of your tumor, as well as your overall health, when determining which treatment is best for you. Acoustic neuroma treatment may include:


In some cases, no immediate treatment is needed. We’ll monitor your tumor over time and recommend treatment only if it affects your quality of life.

Radiation Therapy

Various types of outpatient radiation therapy may be used to target your tumor and prevent it from growing.


Surgery to partially or entirely remove your tumor may effectively treat an acoustic neuroma. We specialize in minimally invasive technology that uses lasers to remove your tumor or decrease its size.

Follow-Up Care

Sometimes, an acoustic neuroma can recur (come back) after treatment. So, we provide follow-up care to ensure you have the best possible outcome. We also recommend that you stay in close contact with your primary care provider throughout your recovery.

Your Acoustic Neuroma Downloadable Guide

Get more information about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of acoustic neuroma in our downloadable guide.

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Our Unique Brain Tumor Program

You’re never prepared for a brain tumor diagnosis. But we are. In our Brain Tumor Program, our team has the expertise, advanced treatments and resources to make your journey as easy as possible. One step at a time, we’ll help you get through this.

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High-Quality Care Lives Here

From your initial visit to your ongoing recovery, our care teams will be at your side. They’ll answer your questions, offer guidance and provide a shoulder to lean on, so you can feel confident throughout your journey.